Dukia Africa, Official Launch That Broke The Internet

Have you heard of Dukia Africa? If not, you don’t have to worry, but you would definitely have heard about Lagos or you would even be living in Lagos or let’s take an instance, that you haven’t lived nor visited Lagos before, when you hear of Lagos, what comes to your mind? Noise, Traffic ,Busy roads, lots of people,,…. Yes or yes?

One of the busiest roads in Lagos is the one linking CMS, Marina, Ikoyi , Victoria Island, Lekki Phase 1 axis … to the New Lagos . Popularly known as “The Lekki Epe Expressway.”

You literally have to spend hours on the road trying to commute within these locations in the city of Lagos. Same Lagos oh 😄😃😄.

Not to talk of if you live on the Island and you have activities /appointments to catch up with, on the mainland. Or perhaps you have a flight to catch , at the #IkejaAirport , you literally have to leave very very early, else you will be stuck in traffic and probably miss your flight ✈

Imagine you can just skip through that long hours on the road and within minutes, you are in your destination, The New Lagos. This is where we have a lot of amazing projects coming up, such as the #lekkideepseaport#Dangoteindustries#alarocity projects #lekkifreetradezone O yes, lots and lots of activities springing up.

What you see here in this video, is the excitement of many, as they watched this helicopter, that left the #IkejaAirport and arrived within a short space of time, in The New Lagos. Void of stress, traffic ,road blocks and the likes… no wonder the excitement 😀😀😃. If you were the one, you too would have been excited.

This is Dukia Africa: https://bit.ly/3BOELua Africa’s Pride Resort Estate and we all witnessed the 1st helicopter landing https://www.facebook.com/100000640568236/videos/379194851084923/, here at the Just completed Helipad. 

This is to say that, if you have an investment here, as the smart investor that you are, just imagine the class of persons you will be attracting? The Wealthy ofcourse. Imagine you own an income generating asset here, it will keep producing income for you. That’s what we call “Passive Income.”

Dukia Africa, been a Pride Resort, is one that’s already attracting lots of persons with class and style. With the presence of the Mini golf course, Resort, Mini zoom …. and with close proximity to choice locations, here in the New Lagos, you can’t go wrong when you invest here. Guaranteed!

That’s not all, click here let’s talk more on it via whatsapp: https://wa.link/r5pnce

On how you too can earn over 200% Returns On Your Investment (ROI) in the a few months time,not to talk of investing here for longer term.

Let’s talk via whatsapp on : https://wa.link/r5pnce

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